What advantages does your service offer?

We provide a full MN's management, we attend to handle and to control everything about MN's maintenance and upgrade for every coins. You can check our News page to discover new informations about our Coins.

How my Masternodes are monitored and administrated?

The MN are constantly under monitoring through management script/software and rom Cryptonode.support staff to be sure that everything is proceding correctly.

What are the features for every plans?

We have three plans and it will be different for every coins depending for what it needs. For example higher CPU,RAM, Bandwidth, ipv4/ipv6, HDD/SDD and other requirements.

After how long time do I get my reward?

Every MN got different time for the first reward. In our website we have an easy and user friendly dashboard to check the status of your nodes and of your rewards.

How many coins do I have to hold to run a masternode?

As for rewards, every MN's got different requirements. You can find a shortly descrition with related informations in our Coins page.

I registered on your website and I sent my payment but I still get not masternode. What do I have to do?

The average time for setup 1 MN is about 1 hour except for weekend or when we get too many daily requests. Anyway the average time could be only 6 hours long. Once we will setup everything you will receive a notification by emails or through our official Discord/Telegram.

What are the registration and activation times for masternode?

Once finished the setup (1-6 hours), your MN is ready and capable to receive the rewards. Some MN needs some days to join the reward's list, this will change from coins.

If I miss my reward, what kind of refund do you provide?

On Horizen' Securenodes and Supernodes we provide a guaranteed 97% uptime status (for the reward you only need the 92/96%). With our service, by the way, there are no missing rewards, we give a full refund in similar situations.